Occidental College
1600 Campus Rd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90041
Phone: 332-295-2827

Tucked away in the hills of Los Angeles’ Eagle Rock community, Occidental College is a real beauty. Designed by Rose Bowl mastermind Myron Hunt in 1911 and landscaped by Beatrix Farrand, the Oxy campus reflects its rich history (with all the modern improvements).

We reside on 120 acres studded with oak trees and eucalyptus, graceful arches and halls built in the Spanish Colonial style. State-of-the-art science facilities are just down the path from lovingly preserved historic buildings. Our solar array, one of the largest of its kind in the country, blends green technology and art. The likes of Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart have strolled through the Quad, as have the inhabitants of the planet Vulcan, all while filming on campus.

The atmosphere is, in a word, idyllic—students visit and never want to leave. Somehow the L.A. traffic seems miles away, though the city is really just outside our door. An urban oasis if ever there was one.

Below is a campus map of Occidental College

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Coordinates for Conference

Berkus Hall Entrance
(Where many of you will sleep)

34.124968, -118.209064

Hameetman Science Center (HSC) Entrance
(Physics Department)

34.125597, -118.211143

Green Bean Student-Run Coffee Shop

34.127390, -118.212250

Choi Auditorium Entrance
(Lecture Hall where talks will be)

34.127145, -118.211381

Marketplace (Samuelson-Young) Entrance

34.128064, -118.212253

Samuelson Alumni Center Entrance
(Conference Dinner Tuesday)

34.125799, -118.214227

Lower Herrick
(Outreach Talk)

34.126416, -118.212457

Entrance to College
(Where buses to telescope will come)

34.126587, -118.213090

Admissions Visitor Parking

34.129978, -118.211220

Fiji Hill

34.128670, -118.205848

Prior Cygnus Conferences